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Factory strength - high starting point, high level of production and manufacturing level


        The company has invested heavily in the introduction of advanced processing equipment, the production process continues to improve, while cooperating with a number of German design companies, inheriting the perfect manufacturing concept of jimmy home and strict process management to ensure the high quality of jimmy home furniture products, and has a strong competitiveness in the same industry;


Brand concept - lock the young Post-80s and post-90s consumer demand, to create cost-effective furniture


        Jimmy home furniture integrates northern European nature, light luxury and other high-grade design concepts, to describe the new realm of modern interior furniture, natural, fresh, stylish, elegant, to meet the individual needs of different people for home environment decoration. Innovative thinking and strong research and development ability, the products are original and novel, rich and diverse


Brand cultivation -- standardized management, breeding excellent marketing management team


       Jimmy home implements standardized and process-based management system, with many years of deep cultivation of the industry's elite talents, will vigorously assist the terminal mall operation, promotion, management, etc., to help Jimmy home win the market terminal;


Brand publicity - three-dimensional advertising, people-oriented let the brand take root and sprout


       Jimmy home in practice to develop the brand and market, comprehensive use of advertising, promotion and other aspects of all-round three-dimensional communication, to the customer as the main medium of communication, highlighting the people-oriented humanized publicity strategy, touch the audience's heart, do the most touching publicity.



ADD:No. 3, Jianshe Road, Chenchong Industrial Park, Longjiang Town, Shunde District,Foshan,Guangdong,China
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