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Wind from Longjiang, Shunde home show trend trend

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       Monkey spring breeze blow on the face and come, the breath of renewal shrouded the city of Foshan, 2016 Longjiang furniture exhibition will be on March 17, officially kicked off. Parents who have come in a throng, to see this grand exhibition. Then this session in the Dragon show what is the trend of the trend of concern, so that the quiet home for your careful interpretation.


Rising period of the Nordic doctrine


        With 80, the rise of the mainstream consumer groups after 90, the Nordic style of this young state, the original ecology, human nature of furniture products in this session of the show a lot, showing a significant upward trend.

▽ JIMMY HOME of the "Rio" series of Nordic style furniture 



Feature 1: material diversification

         Nordic products to solid wood as the main body, but with modern solid wood is different, the Nordic products is the first to reflect the natural texture of wood, rather than the volume of wood. Solid wood material to become a solid support components, forming a decorative and structural unity. Also for the non structural support member, the Nordic furniture the paint, leather, metal, glass and other materials, the main auxiliary collocation more volume light, lively and leisurely.


Feature 2: the humanized function is strengthened

        Nordic furniture, pay attention to the application of ergonomics, part of human exposure to a chair back, a handrail, bed screen radian, milling type pay more attention to agree with human body curve; at the same time, for the small Huxing, Nordic furniture of the specification, the function is more diversified. These subtle evolution of solid wood products will bring more surprises to young consumers.


Feature 3: more fit just need the market

        Nordic style is becoming more and more mature, the market bid farewell to the Mediterranean, Korean era. And the Nordic furniture more fit the needs of the mainstream market: people close to the price, reasonable specifications, free combination, fresh and pleasant material color, health and environmental protection concept into the. These drivers just need the market's success factors in the Nordic furniture products more obvious advantage.


First, the exhibition date: March 20th - March 17, 2016
Two, venue: Longjiang Exhibition Center.
Three, booth number is: 3 layer B District No. 6
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